A compelling campaign with a mission to provide non-English speakers access to essential resources in the medical space. By empowering individuals through the language barrier that they face in their daily lives, this initiative aims to improve the quality of healthcare for all.
My role: UI Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, User Testing, Research, QA/QC, ADA
Programs Used: Figma, Adobe Creative Suite ( Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects)

Final Logo +  Exploration
To visually represent the concept of communication and conversation, I explored various shapes, including chat bubbles and quotation marks. Ultimately, the chosen design aims to convey a welcoming and approachable atmosphere for individuals who may feel nervous or intimidated in medical settings due to language barriers.
Responsive Campaign Website
The campaign website not only spreads awareness of the cause but also functions as a comprehensive resource library for our target audience. Users can locate nearby interpreters and access a medically accurate translator that recognizes complex medical terminologies, ensuring precise translation without relying solely on sources like Google Translate. 
Medical Translation Cards + Digital poster
Our medical cards are a simple yet effective solution designed to boost the confidence of non-native English speakers in medical settings without relying on technology. 
Animated Awareness Digital Poster

The digital poster effectively conveys the significance of the campaign through an engaging and dynamic animation. The poster features a pill bottle label that is initially blurred, representing the experience of encountering an unfamiliar language. This visual element creates a sense of confusion that is all too common for non-native speakers in medical settings. 
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