A hundred page publication that utilizes Bodegas and their cultural impact as a metaphor and visual system to empower and inspire Hispanic communities in the USA.
My role: Art Direction/Branding, Production, Publication
Programs Used: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
Cover Page Explorations
I celebrated the energy and richness of BODEGA by featuring "el platano" (the plantain) as the central theme of the issue, inspired by my Puerto Rican heritage. This fruit embodies the resilience and adaptability of Latinx culture while symbolizing our cultural diversity. Through this approach, I aimed to showcase the unique experiences of Latinx communities in a vibrant and creative way.
Style Guide
To capture the essence of Hispanic culture, I designed the branding for BODEGA to be playful, bold, and vibrant. Inspired by Bodega advertisements, I utilized stretched and outlined type as well as collaging techniques to create a dynamic and attention-grabbing visual style. This resulted in a unique and memorable identity for BODEGA.
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